Friday, 28 January 2011

Solved - No more Event Administration Headaches

Let's face it, event administration can be pretty painful and dull. Hours of data entry, chasing people up for missing information and trying to decipher bad handwriting.  These tasks aren't top of anyone's favourite list.

Luckily, all these tasks can be eliminated by using  By keeping the look and feel of your existing site, delegates glide seamlessly to your event information and online booking area.  And with credit card and invoice payment options, the whole process runs incredibly smoothly.

This silent demo video shows the key features.

Back-office tasks are fully automated. Booking confirmation emails are sent out immediately.  Invoices are produced and emailed, using your own invoice numbering. There's no need to mail merge confirmation letters or invoices, or suffer delays in the post. This can really help improve cash flow.

The service is incredibly good value too - view our pricing information. You can even run a series of, say, training events from one website.

Visit for more information.